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Needlefelt Bees - Unique Ideas For Furry Fuzzballs

needlefelt bee kit
Here are some wonderful needlefelt bee and beehive masterpieces as created by the needle felt enthusiasts on a Facebook Needle Felt Group to which I belong. They've consented to share their amazing bee-based crafts with us. I include the details of their Etsy and Facebook shops where applicable, though many are hobbyists. It's so great to see all of these wonderful needlefelt bees, I can't wait to build my own home bee colony! Feel free to contribute your bee art, needlefelt, or other forms of media in the comments section, and I will be sure to add them to the blog.

needlefelt bee making kit
Make Your Own Needlefelt Bee

If you are curious about creating needlefelt bumblebees, DIY kits from Amazon and Etsy are available, which include everything you need to produce a fuzzy butt bee.  

If you want to have a go at bee making without a kit, you can buy the materials via Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and other craft suppliers.


needle felt bee lion

What a Royal Queen Bee is she! Wonderful needlefelt art by Jill king

needlefelt queen bee

needlefelt bumble bee on flower

Beautiful Bee Art by Sarah Jane

needlefelt bee art on stone

A Swarm of Bees and one solitary Bumble Bee by Marian 

needlefelt bumble bee swarm

needlefelt bumble bee

Beautiful Bumble Bee Needlefelt Art by Tracey Hodges

needlefelt bee brooch

Needlefelt Bumble Bee Wall Hanging - drift wood by Sarah Hall - available via Etsy

needlefelt bumble bee wall hanging

needlefelt bumble bee wall hanging

Fuzzy Butt Beauty Needlfetl Bumble Bee by Jo Cook  - available for order

Jo has a FB page here where you can see more wonderful needlefelt creations

Wonderful Bumbe Bee Creations by Jane Clare

needlefelt bumble bee

needlefelt bumble bee daisies

needlefelt bumble bee hive

needlefelt bumble bee wreath sunflowers

Adorable Needle Felt Bee art by Claire Elizabeth

needlefelt bee in flowerpot

Needlefelt Beehive and Bee by Alison Donne

beehive needlefelt

beehive needlefelt

Beehive and Bee Flowerpot Needle felt by Annie Dundas

Bumble Bee in Flight by Laurie Webster

Needle felt Beehive and Bees Keychain by Kimberley Torkington

beehive keychain needle felt

Detailed Needlefelt Bee Art Work by Nicky Heard

Needlefelt Bee Art

Honey Bee Bear by LeahG

needle felt teady bear bees honey honeycomb

Send us a message if you have a bee-saving tale, anecdote, bee craft project, bee keeping tip, bee meme, bee tattoo, or anything else bee-related to share. 

Save the BEES Mugs3 ways you can help rescue bees

Bees pollinate one-third of the food that we consume; without them, we would be extinct. You may contribute to the cause by taking these three simple actions.

1. Create a Bee Garden using plants that are beneficial to bees.

2. Fill a small dish halfway with clean water and set it aside as a Bee drinking bath. Make a swarming area with pebbles and stones for the bees to land on and drink from.

3. Provide a safe haven for natural bees such as bumblebees, who do not live in hives and are solitary creatures. Provide a bee hotel in a calm, undisturbed location for them to use as a hive for constructing a colony. You may purchase these online, or you can make your own!

Queen Bees Kawaii Gifts
Visit my Bee Store for Bee awareness buttons, stickers, keychains and personalized gifts, accessories and decor.

This collection of adorable Save the Bee gifts, decorative items, and accessories has me buzzing with excitement. Text template fields allow you to include your own save the bees slogan, quote, amusing, friendly, or awareness-raising statement in addition to the default text template. What could be a better way to start your day than this? All of the items in the SaveBees store are decorated with adorable BEE drawings.

Save The BEES Buttons
Bee enthusiasts, beekeepers, bee rescues, and bee fanatics will find something to their liking in this section. We must raise awareness about rescuing bees, protecting bees' habitat, planting bee-friendly flowers, allowing flowering weeds to develop, and providing bee resting locations, water, and room for all bees to thrive and establish hives. Join us!

The efforts of a slew of fantastic bee-friendly individuals have been spreading awareness, from the flightless bee with no foot to the courageous bee lady who saves and relocates bees while wearing no protective clothing!

She is very remarkable. You have the ability to BE wonderful as well. Find a BEE saving club to get bee photographs, photos, illustrations, and, most importantly, advice on how to protect and save bees and their colonies. Bumblebees, honey bees, and all other types of bees will thank you for getting it right this time. Spread the word about your love for bees far and wide. BEE lovers, have a wonderful BEE day.


The Felted Hug said...

A great blog about our important bees and to see artists featuring the little ones. 🐝

Jo Cook said...

I have loved watching you put this together. Thank you for adding me. York had a great idea this summer. They put out bee stations around the city full of flowers and with insect houses shaped like landmarks. I bet you would find some on Google.

Leah said...

@jo this sounds like a great idea, I will have a look thank you!